About Us
PersonalWeb owns 15 fundamental pending and issued patents and a sophisticated Natural Language Processing Engine used in developing its products and services.

The Company

PersonalWeb is a proud member of the East Texas community. We are now 11 employees strong and growing. We own 15 key pending and issued patents that are critical to the development of a wide range of established and emerging distributed computing based industries and fundamental for cloud computing, distributed search engine file systems, content addressable storage and social networks. Our search technology utilizes natural language processing and semantic analysis to find and deliver relevant content available on the Internet to users. We are developing products and services in three market segments including Social Learning, Natural Language Search and Content Distribution.

The Company has forged strong community ties with local civic, business and educational leaders. PersonalWeb is a member of the Tyler Metro Chamber of Commerce and the company’s president serves on the Chamber’s Technology Committee and is a member of GET-IT, Greater East Texas Information Technology Professionals Group. He has also testified in front of the Tyler City Council’s Zoning and Planning Commission in a successful effort to help pass a new Quiet Zone within the city limits.

PersonalWeb is especially proud of its association with The University of Texas at Tyler. Through an ongoing paid internship program established with the University’s Career Services Department, it recruits the best and brightest technical and business students who receive college credit in addition to a competitive salary. The top student interns are offered full time employment with the Company upon graduation. The Company has a close relationship with the faculty of the University’s School of Computer Science and Engineering who has become a great resource for helping discover talented student interns and skilled graduates. In 2013, students from the school will collaborate with PersonalWeb in developing technology as part of the University’s Capstone Project with the potential to work on future research projects funded by the public and/or private sectors.


PersonalWeb is located in the city of Tyler in Northeast Texas, the Rose Capital of the nation, with a population of about 100,000. The Company is pleased to be part of the preservation and ongoing transformation of Tyler’s downtown area into a cultural center for the arts and sciences.

Its headquarters is located in the former Wadel-Connally Drug Store Emporium Building built in 1907. The building has undergone recent renovation, including air conditioning, so its employees were able to survive the Great 2011 Texas Heat Wave. Located in historic downtown Tyler, PersonalWeb is just blocks away from the Tyler Town Square, City Hall, and both the Federal and Municipal Courts.


The management team is highly experienced in the Internet and media industries and assembled an outstanding group of dedicated employees from the East Texas area. With the cooperation of The University of Texas at Tyler, PersonalWeb has established an ongoing paid internship program whereby it hires some of the brightest and most talented UTT students to work part-time and receive college credit in addition to their salaries.

Michael Weiss
CEO & President

Michael Weiss is a serial entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of how, when and where people consume media for decades. In the 70s he was college promotion manager at Columbia Records in Miami before becoming one of Chicago’s top club deejays. In the late 70s Weiss opened one of the world’s first videos stores, pioneering home video retailing. In the 80s at J2 Communications, he launched the first direct-response TV campaigns for marketing videos, a tactic that has since become widespread in the industry.

In the 90s, as the founder of WebRadio.com, he was one of the pioneers of streaming media, taking the company from inception to a $441 million valuation in less than a year. Radio Ink Magazine declared: “Michael Weiss of WebRadio, Steve Case and Bob Pitman of AOL, Jerry Yang and Mark Cuban of Yahoo! and Bill Gates of Microsoft are the media barons of tomorrow whose companies will become the new media giants that will control the eyes and ears of the world.”

In the 21st century, he was founder and CEO of the company that created the Morpheus P2P application, one of the fastest consumer adapted technologies and heralded as “The One” by Time Magazine. It amassed over 30 million unique monthly users within the first year and remained the #1 most downloaded software on the Internet for over a year, reaching 200 million downloads.

He has organized and led several industry trade associations, lobbied government leaders and testified before Congress. At PersonalWeb, Weiss also handles Business Development and Technology Licensing.

Wasef Kassis
Chief Technology Officer

Wasef Kassis is a hi-tech veteran and entrepreneur with a successful track record in software development, product management, and technology strategy. Wasef became CTO of StreamCast Networks after serving as VP of Engineering. Wasef managed the design, development and distribution of the Morpheus P2P file sharing application, which garnered over 200 million downloads worldwide.

He managed all technical departments including web development, software development, quality assurance, graphic design and information technology. Previously, he was CTO at NetCity Broadcast, where he designed and led the development of proprietary software used to stream media for Internet broadcasting.

Previously, as Director of Technology for GEO Interactive Media and WebRadio.com, he managed the quality assurance, development and customer service departments for its proprietary plug-in free streaming media technology, a first for the Internet. In addition, he managed the network infrastructure servicing hundreds of commercial radio stations’ webcasting efforts.

Kevin Bermeister
Non-Executive Chairman

Kevin Bermeister is a philanthropist, technologist, real estate entrepreneur, investor and an active author of opinion editorials for the Huffington Post. He is a major benefactor and supporter of numerous charitable organizations and was recently awarded the Yeshiva Center Leadership in Philanthropy Award and has received numerous similar awards in the past.

Bermeister is currently Chairman and CEO of Brilliant Digital Entertainment, Inc., and its subsidiary, Altnet, Inc. Bermeister has developed substantial businesses in the computing, multimedia and Internet industries. In 1982 he established Ozisoft, one of the first interactive multimedia companies and Australia's largest video games distributor. In 1994 he established the $70 million interactive Sega World Sydney theme park operated through a joint venture which included Sega Enterprises Japan, Mitsubishi Corp. and Mitsui Corp. In 1996, Bermeister founded Brilliant Digital Entertainment Inc. and developed various Internet interests including a deal with Joltid Limited to establish Altnet Inc. a company focused on peer to peer network solutions for content providers, consumers, and enterprise. Altnet became a distributor of the Kazaa music service, distributing music via subscription pursuant to agreements with the major record labels and independent labels, and recently entered into a transaction to contribute the Kazaa business to Atrinsic, Inc. Altnet is focused on distributed computing and content management solutions for the digital entertainment markets. One of Altnet’s initiatives is Global File Registry, a content delivery and authorization solution being developed by PersonalWeb that bridges the divide between content owners and ISP’s.

Bermeister sits on the board of various companies and has been a founding investor in several successful startups including Skype. He resides in and is based in Sydney Australia.