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PersonalWeb owns rights to the True Name patent portfolio that are fundamental to cloud computing, distributed search engine file systems and content addressable storage and social networks; and critical to the development of a wide range of established and emerging distributed computing based industries.

Issued U.S. Patents
Patent No. Title
5,978,791 Data processing system using substantially unique identifiers to identify data items, whereby identical data items have the same identifiers
6,415,280 Identifying and requesting data in network using identifiers which are based on contents of data
6,928,442 Enforcement and policing of licensed content using content-based identifiers
7,802,310 Controlling access to data in a data processing system
7,945,539 Distributing and accessing data in a data processing system
7,945,544 Similarity-based access control of data in a data processing system
7,949,662 De-duplication of data in a processing system
8,001,096 Computer file system using content-dependent file identifiers
8,082,262 Methods, systems, and devices supporting data access in a data processing system
8,099,420 Accessing Data In A Data Processing System

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